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After the highly successful first edition in 2022, ImmunoWars is ready for bigger and better. Once again we invite you to unleash your inner mad scientist at the IW Festival. On Saturday 7 October 2023 the Pesthuis in Leiden opens its doors for an unforgettable day. The party starts at 14:00 and continues until 01:00. The 11-hour programme is filled with tons of exciting experiences.

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What to expect

2  Music stages

Get groovy to the funky disco-y tunes of the Mr. White Stage, and try your most electric dance moves to the atmospheric doom sounds of the Mr. Black Stage. Check out below for artist impressions.

Science Plaza  

Come hang out at the plaza and experience the inventions & prototypes of some of the Randstad's most exciting entrepreneurs. Or grab a science cocktail, some lovely food and lounge with fellow scientists.

Game Arena

Get in touch with your local Gamification developers and try out their boardgame & VR creations. Or grab a ball and play a few games of Biohazard Beerpong.

Inside & Out

The festival features both indoor and outdoor areas. Beautiful sunny day? Enjoy the warmth in the courtyard. Rainy and cold? Our inside areas are large enough for everyone.

Food Trucks & Snacks

To keep everyone happy and energetic, there will be plenty of options to fill your stomach and keep going throughout the day.

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Dress code: Black or White

Dress up as a (mad) scientist, (crazy) nurse, (evil) genius, (devious) doctor, or let your creativity run wild. Pledge your allegiance to either Mr. Black or Mr. White by wearing their colours. Are you in need of some ideas? Follow @immunowars for daily outfit inspiration.


Our line-up consists of a mixture of the most talented young local artists, and a few household names to pump out those bangers.

For a preview of their sounds, check out their handles:


- Uilenkatten:
- Kiwi Club:
- Mau's Acid Machine:
- HPM:
- Strooizout: TBA
- Marmix: TBA
- Silicon Oxide: TBA
- Don Aksoy: TBA

More artists to be announced soon...

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The Game

ImmunoWars Base Game is a strategic board game where players battle with the latest medicine, vaccines, antibiotics, and their wits to protect themselves from viral and bacterial infections. With a deck of +100 scientifically accurate cards, players can launch attacks with pathogens like Ebola, Dengue, and SARS-COV-2 or defend using tools like stem cells, gas masks, and the mighty immune system. The game is a thrilling blend of dark humor, entertainment, and educational value, designed to be easy to learn yet challenging to master.

Our Mission

Beyond the gameplay, ImmunoWars serves a greater purpose. In a world rife with misinformation about infectious diseases, we aim to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public. Each card in the game carries a snippet of information, offering players a chance to learn as they play. We believe in the power of 'gamification' to make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging for all.